soooo remember that time britney grinded with a snake at the vmas? duh. of course you remember. to help you prepare for the 2014 show, we’re out here reminiscing about all brit-brit’s hotness - body glitter, tigers and all (#neverforget). try not to faint.


I had a ‘mish mash’ dinner of tortilla chips, tomatillo/orange salsa, like a pound of pan-roasted shishito peppers, and TJ’s white fish Vera Cruz. 

It’s a weird combination, but I’m quite satisfied with myself. 

freshrosemary did this, and it looks positively fun!

  1. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us: what’s your way to top a burger or a non-meat-burger-ish-type thing? My preferred burger delivery method is on a well-toasted bun, with lots of ketchup, melted cheese, and pickles. Iceberg lettuce and tomatoes are nice, but not required. Though I am often tempted by burgers with ‘fancier’ toppings, I’ve yet to encounter one that didn’t have all the fancy toppings slide off after a few bites. 
  2. According to you, what exactly is the breakfast of champions?Huevos rancheros with strong coffee or eggs benedict and champagne brought to me by room service while I’m wearing the finest of bathrobes. 
  3. The USPS is going to stop delivering mail tomorrow. Do you notice? Do you care? Why?  I would definitely notice, but 99% of the mail I receive goes in to the recycling bin, so it wouldn’t be a great loss. I would cry, cry, cry if UPS stopped delivering, though, as I do most of my non-grocery shopping online. 
  4. The doorbell rings. You’re not expecting anyone, and you can’t see who it is. Do you open the door? Why or why not?Never. Usually, it’s just a solicitor and I don’t have time for that, but in the back of my mind, I always fear something more sinister. 
  5. Paper, plastic, or bring your own?Bring my own if I can remember; if not, paper. 
  6. If you have a car, what’s in your trunk right now? If you don’t have a car, what’s in mine?  hahaha, oh man. Loose dog food (the bag exploded on its way home), a 6-holed cupcake pan, a decorative wall hanging with my name on it, a ziploc full of wine corks, and random plastic bags. Until very recently, there was a yoga mat in there, too. 
  7. You’re attending a class or a training and are the first to arrive in the room. Where do you sit?  Closest to the nearest electrical outlet, or barring that, the middle of the room on the aisle. 
  8. What was the saving grace of the worst job you ever had?Learning that it’s 100% OK to leave a job you don’t like; you can generally find a better situation elsewhere. Also, Excel. 
  9. How old is old?30 feels pretty old to me right now (my upcoming birthday), but realistically, 100 is old. 
  10. What’s your favorite mistake?One that I immediately regret, but later look back on as a formative experience. 


When you reblog one of those prompts and get no asks


Jewish friends: 

What do I wear to a bris? And do I need to bring a gift? 

I’ve eaten delicious, homemade chicken tacos for the past 3 days’ lunch or dinner, and I’m a better person for it. 

quothtehblackbirdnevermoar replied to your post “Things I learned on Tumblr that really turned up my beauty game”

Lip exfoliant??

OMG, yes, it’s amazing. I got the Tarte lip exfoliant and I love it. I have regularly dry, chapped lips. I can deal with the ‘chapped’ part by constantly applying chapstick, but then my lips get flaky. So! Lip exfoliant to the rescue! 

I use the lip exfoliant followed by Sugar Advanced Therapy lip treatment, and it feels like I just made out with an angel. 

Also, to your reblog, I use the Laura Mercier foundation primer (even on my eyelids) and it works great for me. No greasiness, I use less foundation, and it looks more even. But! I have very dry skin, so I’m not prone to breakouts. Caveat emptor, and all that. 




I’m Really Hot | Missy Elliott

Things I learned on Tumblr that really turned up my beauty game
  • Primer
  • Lip exfoliant
  • Winged eyeliner
  • Colored eyeliner
  • How to use those multiple-color eyeshadow pallets
  • Fancy-ass moisturizer
  • SEPHORA FREE SAMPLES (omg, so many samples)